How to become a VIP Member

  1. The customer deposits registration fee of BWP15,000 in to any specified given auction which will be refunded or renewed after one(1) year. This fee is subject to change so please check with Auction It staff first.
  2. Payment for registration can be made via EFT, BANK GUARANTEED CHEQUE, CASH DEPOSIT  in to any of the Auction It accounts.
  3. The customer must present the proof of payment at Auction It office Reception or email it to .
  4. In order to complete the registration process, the customer must fill in the registration form at the Auction It reception office or the Auction it team can email the registration form to the customer to complete in the comfort of his or her home.
  5. The customer will be issued a GOLD VIP Bid Paddle that has a unique bidder number on it to be used at all regular monthly auctions conducted by Auction It without further need for registration or queuing.
  6. If a VIP Member is a winning bidder at our auctions, the registration fee will not be deducted from the total but instead the VIP will be invoiced the full total without deduction.

VIP Membership Benefits

  1. A customer will no longer be required to register every time there is an auction.
  2. A customer can come to the auction a few minutes before the auction cause he or she does not need to queue to register
  3. VIP Members will be offered complimentary refreshments at all Auction It events where possible.
  4. When a person is a VIP, they can give a full professional services through the phone or with an instruction of an email.
  5. At the end of the year Auction, It recognises their VIP customers and delivers letters of appreciation and a gift.
  6. VIP members are given preference when doing payments.
  7. VIP queries are quickly and feedback is given to them through the phone or email.